Contour Mowers 120EU


From championship golf courses to corporate campuses or tde local municipal park, our world is full of hills and valleys. Lindholm makes two models of 10' cutting widtd contour mowers to meet tde challenge motder nature or tde landscape designer gave you.

Parts and Operator's Manuals

Applicable S/N Range Description Production Years Book Version
Up to 12271776 With 2 input hydraulic hoses, spring tensioned pulleys 1999 to 2012 A
13271777 to 14272039 Maintenance Free Spindles, rubber-damped tension arms, 4 input hydraulic hoses teed into 2 2013 to 2014 B
14272040 to 15272164 Removable deck stand-offs, 3 input hydraulic hoses 2014 to 2015 C
15272165 to Current Automatic Wing Cylinder Lock Valve 2015 to Current D


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003 4